According to change.org   90% of black children are on food stamps.     I think its real sad how people just assume that cause ur black that ur poor but that really offends me cause im black.  So i would appreciate it if people werent so racist. HOw would people like it if i said most white people are poor. Exactly they wouldnt like it at all. Thats exactly how my race feels.


According to www.tearfund.org the people in china had a 6.6 earthquake and it happened in Qinghai, on Wednesday. It also says we should pray for them and their family.  I also think we should pray for them.  

“It says the Chinese authorities have long experience of dealing with natural disasters and have not made an early call for international assistance.” 

 So it means that they don’t want to be embarressed cause its part of their culture and china in chinese is “zhonggoa” which means middle country and since their the middle country their like the main influence or a role model so they don’t want to make complaints, because they can fix it themselves.  they also don’t want  a big news story on them.


According to The Sydney Morning Heraldmore than 20,000 people die every day from poverty.Cause they don’t have enough money to buy something to eat and cant find nothing to eat or drink so they die.  We should think about this every day when we have our food and nice clean water.  We should try to help them in some way best we can like donate to a charity for poverty or go there your self and help them.  Or have a food drive or something that will help them . Also they die from diseases because  they have no money to get medicine.—–rocar


In Haiti recently there was a earthquake that hit that made a lot of people poor cause their homes were destroyed and they had no food and were left homeless so they depend on us to help them just like they would help us if that happened to us

Spring Break

Spring break is coming up in 2 days I can’t wait I might go to New York and my sister is going to Mexico with her friend for 2 weeks. And I’m happy because she annoys me a lot. My mom said we are going to this super big indoor waterpark in holland and I am so excited.